Dining Chair


recycled vinyl upholstery

Old Teak Shelf Ladder

has become a desired item in most houses

We introduce our new product Lader shelf, is one great space saver which applies the vertical wall space in your house; this simple piece of furniture can make your dwelling looking clean and well organized in no time.

Wooden Stool

with chalky finish

Vanity Drawer. Its choose from old teak furniture with beautiful finishes , an elegance hand carved with superb craftsmanship.

Retro Small Bench


Square Bench

A piece of art, this stunning Mosaic stool is created by handpicking individual pieces of recycled old teak.
It is a multi-functional piece and can be used as a side table, stool, or two or three can be placed together to create gorgeous rustic bench or window seat.

Dining Chair with Billboard
Green Furniture!! Beautifull Collaboration Recycled wood & Billboard
Old Teak Ledder Shelf
make your dwelling looking clean and well organized in no time
Wooden Stool
This rustic and exotic wooden stool with chalky finish
Vanity Drawer
an elegance hand carved old teak with superb craftsmanship
Fuse +
Reclaimed wooden frame w/ recycled billboard uplhostery
Mosaic Square Stool
Beautiful handcrafted contemporary furniture